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Premium White Teat Dried Sea Cucumber (猪母参)

Premium White Teat Dried Sea Cucumber (猪母参)

$200.00 (500g)

White teat sea cucumber from Australia are covered with black splotches on their..

Sarawak White Pepper Powder (砂劳越白胡椒粉) - Ajishan

Ajishan Sarawak White Pepper Powder (砂劳越白胡椒粉)

$3.20 (50g)

Ajishan’s Sarawak White Pepper Powder is ground from the renowned Sarawak pepper..

Seven White Herbal Powder Mask (七子白面膜粉)- Bee's Brand

Bee's Brand Seven White Herbal Powder Mask (七子白面膜粉)

$9.50 (200g)

Seven White Powder is a mask made from 7 traditional Chinese Herbs. It has stron..

White Kidney Beans - Ah Pau

Ah Pau White Kidney Beans

$8.00 (1kg)

White beans are a nutritional powerhouse, as they’re packed with fiber and prote..

White Lump Sugar - Chuan Heng Bee

Chuan Heng Bee White Lump Sugar

$1.20 (400g)

Irregular lumps of crystalized, refined sugar which helps sweetening of food whe..

Whitebait Fish Paste (香辣银鱼酱)- Chan Hong

Chan Hong Whitebait Fish Paste (香辣银鱼酱)

$3.20 (180g)

Whitebait fish paste is good for making easy and simple meals...

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