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Crispy Prawn Chilli - Ajishan

Ajishan Crispy Prawn Chilli

$4.30 (250g)

Ajishan’s Cripsy Prawn Chilli, also known as Crispy Shrimp Chilli or Hae Bee Hia..

Dried Shrimp (Medium) - Gainswell

Gainswell Dried Shrimp

$40.00 (1kg)

Dried shrimps are mainly used to enhance the flavour of dishes. Besides adding i..

Dried Shrimps, Red Premium

Premium Red Dried Shrimps

$18.00 /500g

Dried shrimps are shrimp that have been sun-dried until very small for preservat..

Sambal Chilli (Sambal Terasi) - Uleg

Uleg Shrimp Chilli (Sambal Terasi)

$3.30 (190g)

Uleg Shrimp Chilli (Sambal Terasi)..

Shrimp Paste, Salted  - Ngoc Lien

Ngoc Lien Salted Shrimp Paste

$3.20 (250g)

Ngoc Lien Salted Shrimp Paste...

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