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Herbal Peppermint Lozenges (清凉润喉糖)- Bee's Brand

Bee's Brand Herbal Peppermint Lozenges (清凉润喉糖)

This peppermint lozenges candy is formulated to refresh and soothe throat.

  • $2.00

Liquorices extract lozenges is a good medicine for giving special treatment to yourself when you have cough or other respiratory problem. Give soothing sensation on your throat and fresh sensation on your breath.

General Information
Net Weight 200g
Country of Origin China
Ingredients Sugar, Water, Glucose Syrup. Honey Mint, Isomalt Liquorices Extracts, Green Olives Extracts, Honeysuckle Extracts, Houttuynia Cordata Extracts, Momordicae Extracts, Pangdahal Liquorices Extracts, Honey Loquat Extracts.
Storage Store in a cool, dry place